Dump Sites, Landfills & Salvage Yards

Trash & Appliances to City of Ames Resource Recovery Plant 110 Center Ave, Ames, IA 50010 – contact #515.239.5137 map this location  The City of Ames Resource Recovery Plant doesn’t accept deer carcasses.  They need to go to the Metro Park West landfill at 2499 337th St, Perry, Iowa Ph: 515-436-8252 – map this location

City of Ames – City Code:  Chapter 10, GARBAGE AND REFUSE,

Sec. 10.3 GARBAGE TO BE PLACED IN RECEPTACLE; REQUIREMENTS reads “It is unlawful for any person to deposit or place any garbage or refuse in any street, alley, lane, public place or private property outside of buildings, within the city, unless the same is enclosed in a water-tight receptacle provided with a tight fitting cover”

Sec. 10.4 HOUSEHOLD TO FURNISH GARBAGE RECEPTACLE; MAINTENANCE; GARBAGE TO WRAPPED reads “The proper receptacle for the receiving and holding of garbage shall be furnished by the householder or the occupant of any building or place of business and shall be kept covered and in a sanitary condition at all times.”

FREE GLASS RECYCLING – City of Ames Resource Recovery Plant has FREE GLASS RECYCLING for people to keep the glass out of their garbage.  The glass does not have to be sorted according to color.  Please rinse the glass containers out, you may leave the label on.  Any question, please contact the City of Ames Resource Recovery Plant at 515-239-5137.  They have FREE DROP OFF sites with YELLOW 2Y  containers at the following location:


  • Demolition Material Boone County Landfill – 1268 224th Ln, Boone, IA – #515-433-0591 – map this location
  • Appliances to Bell Salvage 500 Freel Dr, Ames, IA – #515.232.9372 – map this location
  • Yard Waste to American Professional Service 407 Freel Dr, Ames, IA – contact # 515.203-6332 – map this location

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