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It’s easy to do Single Stream Recycling!  Simply toss the accepted recycling items into your recycling cart (gray cart with green lid) and set it out to the curb the night before of your recycling collection day (see collection calendar).  Please set your cart out correctly (cart placement) for fast and safely dumping the recycling cart.

There is a sticker on top of your Recycling Cart listing the acceptable and unacceptable items.  You can print a copy of our CHITTY Garbage Single Stream Recycling Guide that’s the same on top of the cart.

All Single Stream Recyclables are collected and taken to MidAmerica Recycling of Des Moines IA where it is mechanically processed and people sort and sell for reuse (plastic for plastic, paper for paper, tin for tin, etc.).

The Cost for this service is $7.00 per month with 1-96g / 64g CHITTY Recycling cart provided (gray with a green lid).  We are starting the service in Ames & Nevada cities first and will expand to other cities in the future.  Check our web site for the most updated information. We are moving forward in lowering our demand of virgin raw materials by recycling.

Collection of the recyclables is every other Thursday, please set your recycling cart out at the curb the night before so you’re not missed or over looked.  Contact the office to sign up for this service 515-382-3808.

Acceptable Items:

  1.    Newspaper (include inserts), Mixed paper (including junk mail, phone books, magazines),  Cardboard (break down and cut to fit into cart)
  2.     Plastic Containers – PLEASE RINSE OUT (necked bottles, margarine tubs and yogurt containers – NO LIDS)
  3.     Glass Containers – GLASS JARS & BOTTLES (all colors) – PLEASE RINSE OUT
  4.     Tin / Aluminum Cans – no need to remove labels – PLEASE RINSE OUT


Unacceptable Items:

Items that cannot be recycled

  1. Garbage, Yard Waste, Containers that previously contained hazardous materials (such as motor oil or paint)
  2. Paper contaminated with food
  3. Lids from glass jars
  4. Aluminum foil
  5. Plastic bags
  6. Styrofoam
  7. Paper towels, tissues, napkins, toilet paper
  8. Electronics or anything not listed in the above ‘acceptable item list’ – WHEN IN DOUBT – TOSS IT!

96g / 64g Recycling Gray Cart with green lid

Top green lid of recycling cart

Click Here for a printable recycling decal
that’s on top of lid on our recycling cart.

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