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Look Up Your Account Online securely enter below your CHITTY Acct# and Password (last four digits of your phone number that’s on file or your requested password). You can view your account information (account#, service name & address, billing address {if different}, what your balance is as of the last upload and the date of the last payment & amount made). For new customers, your password is printed on your welcome letter you received.

NEW ONLINE you can sign up for AutoPay (automatically pay your future bills using your card card) with the credit card you’re paying your account with. Terms of Auto-Debit Credit Card – You are (1) allowing CHITTY Garbage to automatically charge your account (Credit Card) in the amount of your balance due, (2) agree the process of automatic payment is the last week of every month, (3) No statement will be mailed out, (4) agree that CHITTY Garbage or your financial institution can cancel automatic payment at any time, with or without prior notice to you, (5) agree that this agreement remains in effect until canceled by you, CHITTY Garbage or your financial institution. You can cancel automatic payment at any time by calling or emailing to CHITTY Garbage.

Account Look Up – payment has a minimum of $10.00 – Use your CHITTY Account # and password (which is the last four digits of your phone number on file or your own password you have set up) You can make payment of 10.00 even if you owe less (the credit amount you pay will go towards next billing) Or you can contact our office Monday thru Thursday 8-5 and Friday 8-4.

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To change your password just login into your account and click on Change Password. After you change it will take 1 business day to update.

If you have forgotten your password Click Here to resubmit a new password to have it reset.

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